Colored Pellets

Red Poly Pellets

$ 17.23

We have just purchased a limited quantity of red poly pellets that can be used as both a sensory filler or a unique decorative filler. With a bulk density of 6.1 oz/cup it would make an appropriate and affordable filler for a medium weight weighted blanket.  The unique shape and attractive color also make it a great choice for decorative craft item fillers, flower vase filler, and centerpiece filler for special occasions. It will also work for cornhole fill if mixed with our heavy white product. If using for cornhole filler you will mix 50/50 by volume with our heavy white pellets.  In other words, one cup of the red pellets with one cup of our heavy white pellet make the perfect cornhole fill.  This product is nontoxic, clean, and durable. The pellet shape is best described as cylindrical.  Finally the product may also work well for shooting rest or camera rest filler when a medium weight is desired. You won't find a better value in the marketplace! Get it while you can!



  • Base Material:  Polycarbonate
  • Color: Red
  • Non-toxic
  • Glass Transition Temp:  297 F
  • Density: 1.2 g/cm3
  • Bulk Density: 6.1 oz/cup
  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Sinks in water
  • Safe for washers and dryers
  • Extremely Durable
  • UV Stable



  • Cornhole Bag Filler when Mixed with Heavy White Pellets
  • Weighted Blankets
  • Shooting Rests
  • Misc. Craft Fillers and Plastics Processing
  • Decorative Vase Filler for Flowers, Weddings, and Parties


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