Clear Unscented C-Premium Aroma Beads

$ 25.95
Clear Unscented C-Premium Aroma Beads

Aroma Beads are small clear plastic poly beads that absorb up to 30% of their weight in fragrance oil. This fragrance can last up to six months, depending on the fragrance oil used, making it an easy alternative to candles. They can be placed in a glass vase, potpourri dish or other decorative container.  They can also be made into air fresheners by forming and decorating them in cookie cutters or other molds in ovens.  Mix different colors for a nice design feature!

Our C- premium beads are identical to our premium beads except for the pellet shape.  This bead is pelletized with a strand cut that is cylindrical in shape.  It is designed to absorb scented oils quickly and efficiently.  We use 1 to 1.5 fl oz of most oils per cup of premium beads.  Air fresheners made in this fashion can last up to 4 months or more, depending on the heat and oil quality and formulation.  To mix the fragrance and beads, place the beads in a glass mason type jar.   Add the die to the oil and  mix thoroughly.  Then add the colored oil to the beads in the jar and shake well with lid sealed.  Most oils will absorb in 24 hrs or less at room temp!   Some may take up to 48 hrs, so be patient.   If you want to speed up absorption, heat the sealed jar to 100 F MAX.   Oil absorption will accelerate quite quickly at this temp.  DO NOT EXCEED 100 F!  Shake every few hours for the full absorption of the fragrance oil. The beads melt into molds very evenly and consistently when cooked in an oven to make air fresheners!  We recommend 8 min at 325 F to get a good consistent product.  You may need to tweak the time and/or temp. depending on your oven.   If using for car air fresheners please be aware of the melt point.  If you have concerns about melting (temps greater than 160-170 F), you will want to consider our higher temp. beads.  If the beads are left in direct sunlight in an enclosed vehicle in the deep south for extended periods of time, the temp. may reach these melting please test them under your conditions and use them wisely.


  • Material: Aroma Beads Special Polymer
  • Clear in color
  • Non toxic
  • Melt Point: 160-170  F
  • Density: 0.941 g/cm3
  • Bulk Density: 5.1 oz/cup
  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Floats in water
  • Safe for washers and dryers warm or cold cycles only
  • Tough and Durable


  • Air fresheners
  • Sachet bags for scented bags that can be placed in cars, homes, offices, boxes, luggage, and more.  
  • Potpourri
  • Decorative vase

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