Clear (NEW!) Unscented Higher Temp Aroma Beads

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Clear (NEW!) Unscented Higher Temp Aroma Beads

Clear Unscented Higher Temp Aroma Beads

After almost of year of research and development we are pleased to introduce a new product to our aroma bead product line.:   Our new HT (Higher Temp) Aroma Bead!

Some of our customers sell their products in the very hot regions of the deep south.  We believe that in some circumstances and with specific combinations of colors, scented oils, freshie designs, and with direct sunlight, the premium aroma beads can reach temps of over 160 F and actually melt the product.    For this reason we have developed a higher temperature aroma bead which will provide our customers with a product which will add approx. 10 F of additional temp resistance to our beads.   This product will be more appropriate for the summer months in the deep south AND provide our customers with the flexibility to utilize a portion of our premium beads at the SAME TIME, depending on their needs!

While the Higher Temp Beads provide additional temperature resistance, the trade off is that they will not absorb the same high levels of scented oils at the high rates like our premium product.   Our recommended ratio of scented oils to beads for our PREMIUM beads is approx. 1 fl oz of scented oil in 1 cup of Premium Beads.   Most oils will be absorbed at these ratios in about 24-36 hrs.   When using our new Higher Temp beads at 100% we recommend about 75% of the oil used with our Premium beads or 0.75 fl oz of oil with 1 cup of Higher Temp beads.  Also, the absorption times will increase by about 24-36 hrs, depending on the oils.   One trick you can use to increase the rate of absorption is to heat the beads up to about 100 F for about 24-48 hrs in a sealed jar.   Do NOT exceed 120 F as the oils will come out of the polymer and the freshie will not last as long.    Recommended cooking time for forming your freshies is 325 F for about 9 min....depending on your oven and convection.   Adjust as needed.

Now for the good part....IF you would like to add more oil and absorb at a faster rate, you can add up to about 25% of our premium beads without losing much temp resistance!   You almost get the best of both worlds by mixing 75% Higher Temp Beads with 25% Premium Beads!   Mix and match to get the perfect performance for your product designs and climates!  Remember to use ONLY scented oils and dyes which are designed for organic applications such as candle making, etc.  

While our Higher Temp  product will definitely give you significantly more temperature resistance, we ALWAYS recommend that our customer TEST their specific designs in their climates to be sure they perform to their expectations!    The reason for this is that factors such as oil type and carriers, quantities, colors, dyes, size and weight, location of hanger holes, hanger hole materials, and proximity of hanger holes to the edge of the freshie can ALL impact product failures due to temp.   Be especially careful about hanging the freshies in direct sunlight in a car with windows up.   The radiation heat transfer from the sun (especially with black or dark colored freshies) will heat up the freshie just like a black rock on a hot day!    We do not recommend hanging freshies in direct sun during hot, sunny, summer days.

Typical Properties:

  • Melt Temp:  165-175 F
  • Non Toxic
  • Specially Formulated Polymer
  • Clear in Color
  • Bulk Density:  5.1 oz/cup
  • Density:   0.945 g/cm3
  • Floats in Water

Have fun and look for our comprehensive guide to aroma beads in our blog in the near future!   And as always...CALL US anytime with any questions.  We are happy to help!





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