Plastic Pellet Safety First!!!

Paul Gage

We are NUTS for safety!!! Paul spent 30+ years manufacturing and processing these plastic pellets and he has seen some HORRIFIC accidents. He is a NUT for safety. For this reason our first post is specifically designed to keep you SAFE! Please, please understand the products you are buying. We have a page which details the MSDS for all of our products! Don't buy a product unless it has an MSDS sheet that you can see and review! MSDS stands for "material safety data sheet". The data on these sheets is regulated by our wonderful state and federal lawmakers and helps to keep us safe. ALL of our products are safe for the applications we recommend in our product descriptions. They can be used in home and commercial washers and dryers and are free of any toxic additives or by products. Some virgin and recycled products can contain additives or contaminants like carginogenic (cancer causing) chemicals which are obviously unsafe for human exposure. When buying a recycled product, PLEASE be sure you understand the source. If a product does not indicated that it is NEW, UNUSED, and UNPROCESSED, you should not buy it unless you know where it came from. Prioirty one at plasticpellets4fun is SAFETY! safe and have fun!!!


  • Just ordered 25 lbs of pellets and I must say, I am very impressed. Received a text that night they were being shipped and received them in five days. I live in Canada and they are hard to come by here without paying a fortune. Thank you for your great service. I may be ordering again someday…

    Joanne M

  • Hi! I am wondering if the high density pellets are BPA free? Thank you!


  • I am using weighted plastic beads to make a gravity blanket but I need very safe beads as these will be for a child. Are your products safe, i.e. won’t leach Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals? Thank you.


  • You say you have a page with MSDS sheets, but I can’t find it. Why not make this statement a link to the page, so we don’t have to look for it? Also you say we should know about the heat properties of the products, but I see no link listing the melting points of your products. Last, I am sure other people besides me wonder if we can use your pellets for mold making apps, similar to products like “InstaMorph” and “Friendly Plastic”. Could you briefly address this on your site? Thank you.


  • Hello Nicole: Yes, but I have a question: Why are you going to microwave the product? I guess I don’t understand your application. I will PM you. OK? Thanks.

    Paul D. Gage

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