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Koi Pond Filter Media

Paul Gage

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We are always finding new ways to use our plastic and poly pellet products in this evolving marketplace. This blog post is about an exciting new application that has been developed in the landscaping and decorative pond marketplace.   More specifically, this new application has been tested successfully by several users to utilize as Koi Pond filter media! In the past, Koi Pond and other decorative Pond filters have utilized a large variety of filter media types. Some use very sophisticated and very expensive custom designed small plastic beads, discs, spheres, or cylinders. These are great products if you can...

Plastics 101

Paul Gage

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Hello to all of you plastic pellet and plastic bead enthusiasts and small processors! We get many many questions about what type of plastic polymer is best for different applications. The answers, of course, are dependent on the specific application and the desired performance of the end product. Some of the requirements or properties of the end product can be fairly complex. This is not the place for complex technical discussions, however, we can discuss some of the basic plastic terminology and chemistry to give some guidance to our novice customers. So...hang we go. There are two basic classes...

Cornhole Bag Fillers

Paul Gage

OK all you cornhole fanatics! Here we go!!! It's approaching that time of year when we dust off the boards and set up the brackets for the cornhole tourneys. Before you know it we will be tail gating at our favorite football games and tossing those bags like bandits! This discussion will consider the pros and cons of different plastic or poly pellets in the construction of cornhole bags. Corn vs. Plastic or Poly Pellets: First of all there are those who believe that only real field corn should be used to fill the bags. After all, the name of...

Weighted Blanket Considerations

Paul Gage

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Hello again all you plastic pellet fanatics! In this month's blog post we will discuss some of the major plastic pellet properties to consider when designing and fabricating a weighted blanket. While we do not have the time or space to consider all factors, this will summarize many of the more common concerns of customers. Bulk Density/Cost: I suppose one of the chief concerns we hear when making weighted blankets is the cost of the pellets. These little babies are not cheap, and so careful consideration of cost factors is essential. You may be wondering why we lumped bulk density...

Bulk Orders and Shipping

Paul Gage

As our website and business matures, we are getting more and more interest from professionals who are buying pellets in larger quantities. We are VERY happy to source pellets for your business and due to our expertise and experience, we always offer the best value for your money! We can almost always find a product which will meet your needs and save you some money. There are a few key considerations which you will want to explore as you order in larger volumes. Aside from product performance and cost, which has been discussed in previous blog posts, your major concerns...

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