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Paul Gage

We are always finding new ways to use our plastic and poly pellet products in this evolving marketplace. This blog post is about an exciting new application that has been developed in the landscaping and decorative pond marketplace.   More specifically, this new application has been tested successfully by several users to utilize as Koi Pond filter media!

In the past, Koi Pond and other decorative Pond filters have utilized a large variety of filter media types. Some use very sophisticated and very expensive custom designed small plastic beads, discs, spheres, or cylinders. These are great products if you can afford them! They are obviously VERY expensive.   The low end of the market uses very simple sand media products. These are cost effective, however, they plug up very quickly and can be very difficult to backwash.   

Two of our products have been successfully tested and used in Koi Pond filters. The first will sink in water with a specific gravity of about 1.7 and a density of about 1.75 g/cm3. This is our Heavy White Pellet. The other is our clear virgin plastic pellet. This product will float in water with a density of about .95 g/cm3.   The choice you make will depend on your filter design. Check with us or your manufacturer to see what might work best for your application.

The plastic or poly pellets that we sell here on PlasticPellets4Fun.com fit right between the more expensive custom products and the sand products. They have a nice surface area to promote the growth of the bacteria that will change the ammonia to nitrates and they are much more cost effective than the custom made products. They are also much easier to backwash vs. the sand media products.

Give us a call or try a box of our Heavy White or Clear Virgin plastic pellets in your Koi Pond filters or decorative pond filter media! We will be happy to help. And...as always...HAVE FUN!!!

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  • Are the beads round shaped like a BB or sphere shaped? Are they 1/8" round

    Nancy Gregory

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