About Us


Our mission is simple and yet sophisticated. We aim to be the leading supplier of plastic poly pellet products and education to the arts and crafts and small processor marketplace through our experience, knowledge base, creativity, technology, and state of the art sourcing. Have FUN!


Our adventure started as a result of over 50 years of experience and enjoyment in the plastic pellet and arts and crafts marketplace. Paul and Stacy Gage are a passionate husband and wife team with unique qualifications to bring unprecedented expertise and value to the non traditional plastic pellet markets. 

Paul received a BSChE (Chemical Engineering) over 30 years ago and has spent the past three decades producing, processing, studying, sourcing and developing plastic products using plastic pellets! He is considered an authority and expert in the field of polymer science and plastics. If you have a question about plastic pellets and polymers, chances are good that Paul can answer. 

Stacy spent the past 35 years as a homemaker and arts and crafts enthusiast! She has FOUR daughters and one daughter in law who are also craft fanatics!!! Most recently, Stacy is developing her own line of eye spy bags after experiencing the joy of watching her grandchildren spend hours at church searching for those elusive treasures! Stay tuned and watch for her new line of eye spy bags in the near future.  

Stacy and Paul are strong Christian folk focused on the FAMILY!!! They have 5 awesome children and 16 grandchildren who bring incredible joy to their lives.  We hope that in some small way our products will contribute to the happiness in your family as well. As a result of this focus, we donate 1% of all profits to charities designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society. 

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