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Premium New Virgin Poly Pellets (P5)

$ 23.00

Our clear or natural virgin P5 pellets represent our highest quality and very  popular product for many of the highest quality applications. In the world of plastics we call unused or never processed (new) plastic pellets "virgin" material. Hence, when you hear the term "virgin" pellets, you should expect unused new material which comes directly from the original reactor and process. All of these pellets are virgin product. They are safe for washing and drying as the melt temperature is at least 250 F. Since these pellets contain no harmful or toxic additives they are safe for all applications. They are also non allergenic and may be used in direct food contact.  Be careful when you buy non virgin material which could have come from a recycled product.  While some of these can be perfectly well suited for these typical applications, they can also contain toxic chemicals from previous processes or exposure. Always buy from a source which identifies the source of the plastic pellets. For arts, crafts, weighted blankets, cornhole bags, dolls, and other craft applications this is especially important.  

These pellets are tightly specified for those who are looking for almost no variability in shape, size, chemistry, and tactile dynamics.  They are saucer shaped with little to no variability in shape and have a diameter of 2-3mm. They are non tacky so that they slide over one another easily and consistently. This is important for many craft applications also. The pellets are hard and will not stick together or cold flow into one another.  The color is best described as translucent with a white tint.   They have a tight spec. for density from .950-.960 g/cm3 and a bulk density of 5.1 g/cm3.



  • Material: High Density Polyethylene
  • Color: Translucent White
  • Non Toxic
  • Melt Point: 250 F
  • Density: 0.950 to 0.960 g/cm3
  • Bulk Density: 5.1 oz/cup
  • Shape: Saucer (2-3mm diameter)
  • Floats in Water
  • Safe in Washer and Dryers
  • Tough and Durable



  • Cornhole Bags (mix with our Heavy White Pellets)
  • Weighted Blankets
  • Weighted Vests
  • Sensory Items
  • Reborn Dolls
  • Rock Tumblers

 These pellets are NOT designed to be used as Aroma Beads and will NOT absorb scented oils. 

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